Video and Notes

Some things to note when using EasyClip

  • Only use kiln-dried boards with a moisture content of less than 15%.
  • Please refer to your local building specifications to determine the correct joist spacing.
  • The maximum space between joists should not exceed 450mm.
  • Do not over tighten screws, just tighten snug to the EasyClip fastener.
  • When using pressure treated timber for your support structure, ensure the timber is fully dried before fastening the deck boards.
  • Shrinkage and expansion of deck boards may vary according to the choice of product, climate and region
  • Lay decking material on site long enough to allow the decking material to acclimate to the site conditions and minimise shrinkage
  • Only use the EasyClip screws provided.
  • After cutting the slot in the deck boards with a biscuit saw or with pre-grooved decking, re-seal the cit with varnish ot sealer.
  • Do not pre-groove the decking if the thickness of the deck board is less than 19mm or the width of the board is less than 90mm. Rather use a biscuit saw to cut the required slots